Would HTML5 gobble up the good old Native App?


In the digital era of mobile marketing, mobile browsing practice is taking its toll on conventional web surfing customs , as more and more people have opted to browse the internet through their mobile devices including tablets and Smart Phones, etc. The key factor behind the change could be the arrival of the latest HTML5 technology, which has made it easier for the users to browse the internet, giving them a rich mobile browsing experience.

HTML5 has recieved a warm welcome from the users and developers alike due to certain striking features like, minimum loading time, better speed, Geo-location API, inclusion of beautiful graphics and 3D animations, less effort required for the development of HTML5 driven applications and websites, cross platform and cross browser compatibility, etc. In fact, the technology has been hailed as the future of the mobile web by some industry experts.

Now with the growing popularity of HTML5 within a short span of time, which is still in its developing process, the question that arises is-will the development of HTML5 web application lead to the downfall of the good old Native applications?

In this article we will highlight some of the features of both the HTML5 and Native applications and see what the speculations reveal.


With its attractive features and advantages, HTML5 has shown a rapid growth across all mobile web browsers and platforms. It has become one of the most favored markup languages of the web developers, mobile operating system providing firms and the users alike.

At times HTML5 driven websites appear and act like that of a mobile application and vice versa, thereby providing an impeccable mobile experience to the consumers. Manufacturer of operating systems, tablets and mobile devices like Apple has opted for HTML5 technology instead of Adobe’s Flash for running its audio- video footages smoothly. Thus, HTML5 has proved that it has the potentiality as a standalone application whenever required.


  • Minimal effort and resources for developers :- As HTML5 technology is capable of running across various platforms and web browsers alike, it reduces the effort of the developers, as they could now develop only one application to run along multiple platforms and devices, instead of designing different applications for different devices.

  • Continuity of Brand :- As HTML5 driven application or website appears same across all devices and platforms, it maintains the continuity of a brand thereby attracting the target audiences, who helps them to earn their share of revenue.


Mobile applications available on all Smartphones are known as Native Applications, which can be downloaded from any App Store, Google Play or AppWorld installed in iOS devices, Android devices and RIM devices respectively.


  • Real Feel Quality :- Although HTML5 has been gaining popularity in the mobile market, yet it remains a step back in providing the feel of a real quality of the applications as compared to that of Native applications.

  • Popular amongst operating System owners :- Native Applications are popular among the owners of operating systems as it gives access to the developers to use the applications before making them public.

  • Larger file storage space :- Native Applications have much more file storage space as compared to HTML5 applications.

The competition between the two

Well as mentioned earlier, HTML5 is cost effective and less time consuming as developers do not have to spend time and effort in developing multiple applications and websites to run across various devices and platforms. But, Native applications lack the quality of cross browser and cross platform compatibility, which makes it incompetent to adapt for the modern mobile scenario.

Moreover, an HTML5 driven application helps in maintaining the continuity of a brand by building customer loyalty. While on the other hand, Native applications lack the competency of HTML5 applications, but have its own strong points too, those are missing in HTML5 applications.

Thus, taking their merits and demerits into account, we can say that both have made it very ambiguous for the developers to find out the importance of one over the other. Hence, it is suggested that application of both HTML5 web applications and native applications should go hand in hand. In fact, HTML5 should be added to your mobile web only as an extension to run certain functions that are unable to be performed by the Native applications.

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