Why is Google feeling artistic, playful, hungry?

google easter eggs

Seen the I’m feeling lucky tab just besides the Google search button? Think hard (or Log on to Google.com now ), you’d realize you certainly do. It’s something you rarely click on. But, now Google has added new twists to it. For those who have never tried clicking this button before, pressing I‘m feeling lucky button takes you to a random page that matches the most with your search query. In short it is a not so useful button that Google added just because a single search button on the site was not looking elegant. However, to be fair it had its uses, like leaping on to your desired page right away, was one. But after Google instant was launched, the button became downright obsolete.

google lucky

The New Feelings

In August 2012, Google revitalized the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Now when you hover your cursor over the button, it will spin and change into one of eight new captions- Artistic, Hungry, Playful, Doodley, Puzzled, Trendy, Stellar and Wonderful. The selection is random and each felling displays a unique result. Another thing to notice is that you will see this feature only in Google.com and that also when you have enabled Google instant in your Google search settings.

I’m Feeling Artistic

Ever heard about Google Art Project? Most of you may have heard about it but for those who haven’t, it is a Google initiative to catalogue and provide high resolution images of popular art works. I’m Feeling Artistic button will take you to a random artwork hosted on Google Art project. It’s an addictive button for all Art lovers.

google artistic

google artistic results

I’m Feeling Doodley

You must all be familiar with Google doodles. Google changes its logo that is displayed on the main page time and again, notifying us of important events, days, and birthdays of important people that one must know, while amalgamating it with innovation and technology . I’m Feeling Doodley will take you to Google’s Doodle collection page, exhibiting a random doodle that has been displayed in the past. However it will only display non interactive doodles.

google doodley

google doodles results

I’m Feeling Playful

For those who wait in anticipation for a new Google doodle, interactive and playful Google doodles are a treat. Most of them are homage to the creativity, innovation, or underlying emotions of a particular person or event, and are also great for passing quality time. I’m Feeling Playful will take you to a random interactive doodle that is showcased on Google’s doodle page. It’s a counterpart of I’m Feeling Doodley button that displays only non interactive doodles.

google playful

google playful results

I’m Feeling Puzzled

I’m Feeling Puzzled will take you to the latest ‘A Google A Day’ question. A Google A Day is a puzzle game developed by Google that can be played on http://agoogleaday.com. It is a highly addictive quiz game in which you get questions from various genres like history and sports. You have to solve them using Google search. You can even compete with your friends in the game through Google+.

google puzzled

I’m Feeling Trendy

Google Trends is an additional service provided by Google that displays the search volume of a particular keyword in relation to the total global search volume on Google. It is a highly useful service for marketers, businesses, analysts, and nearly everyone who has to understand about the latest trends in a particular field. An additional service to this tool is Google Hot Trends that displays top 20 search keywords that have seen the highest increase in search numbers in the past 24 hours in USA, i.e., hottest and the latest search terms on Google. I’m feeling trendy will take you to Google Hot Trends page.

google trendy

google trendy results

I’m Feeling Stellar

I’m Feeling Stellar button will take you to an image search related to space and its features such as galaxies, nebulas, stars, constellations etc. Most often you will see an image search of some different nebula and constellations such as Reflection Nebula.

google stellar

google stellar results

I’m Feeling Wonderful

I’m Feeling Wonderful button will take you to a random wonder of the world that is documented in the Google World Wonders project. The project is a collaborative effort of Google, UNESCO, World Monuments Fund, and many other organizations, to bring users a 3-D experience of ancient and modern marvels right on their computer screen. For all those who are interested in visiting various places around the world and are not able to do so because of time and financial constraints, this site is a gift of the century.

google wonderful

google wonderful results

I’m Feeling Hungry

Have you ever searched the keyword restaurant on Google? If you have, you would realize that searching this keyword will give you the most popular restaurants around your location but only if you have turned on the Google location. I’m Feeling hungry keyword button will take your search result for the keyword ‘restaurant’ and display the most popular restaurants in the United States. You may have noticed the catch. The new feelings buttons are only enabled in Google.com, not on region specific sites like Google.uk or Google.it, so if you are not in US, I’m Feeling Hungry feature is not available. Also this button will give restaurant list of the whole of US not a particular city or location, so even for US residents it’s not that useful.

google hungry results


Since the time of its inception, Google has been a master in innovative techniques in marketing. You may have noticed that the revamping of I’m Feeling lucky button is a prime example of Google’s cleverness. With just one stroke it has promoted features of Google Search, Image Search, Google World Wonders Project, Google Trends, A Google A Day and effective Google+, Google doodles, and Google Art Project. But luckily for us, they have effectively upgraded the I’m Feeling Lucky button into a better toy.

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