Why Google Authorship is Important, and How to attain it via AuthorSure

google authorship via author sure

Since Google Plus has been launched, Google has started to give importance to your social circle more than any other SEO factors to rank your content or website on targeted keywords and key phrases. With this social sharing in place, the more people you have in your circle the better your content will rank on Google, and the higher rank of your content will draw more quality traffic to your website.

A Detailed Tutorial of verifying Google authorship via “Authorsure” : Plugin for WordPress

However, on many occasions we have noticed that people find it hard to verify their authorship on Google, and if you are one of them then don’t worry as that’s what we will cover in this blog post. Though their are many plugins to verify your Authorship on Google , we will talk about the most popular Authorsure plugin, But let’s first cover some more benefits of Google Authorship.

You Deserve Credit

Whenever you write a certain unique post or article, it should be published by your name, and you should get the full credit for it. However, even if you do so, there are chances that other webmasters might copy it partially or fully and post it on their website, and based on their domain authority, page rank, and many other SEO factors Google may push them ahead of your website in its search results.

However, since Google Authorship came into effect, things have changed, and unless you use it to tell Google that you are the real author of your blog posts or article, it may not give you the credit that you always deserve to get for your piece of writings.

Makes Your Own Identity

In cyber world, identity is what matters the most, as people only trust real people, who they know, who they can recognize, who have thorough knowledge about their subject of writings. And once, you verify and integrate the Google Authorship for your blog or website, it displays your headshot picture beside your posts and articles when they come in search results, and people start recognizing you and share your blog posts in their social circle and that can really make you popular.

Builds Credible Social Network

Once people start reading and sharing your posts, people having interest in your piece of writings will add you in their social circle, and day by day more people will start following you and this will help you build a credible social network and fan following.

Now let’s move further and see how you can become a Google Verified Author for your blog or website.

It’s easy

Claiming Google Authorship is quite easy and can be attained in 5 easy steps that are listed below. Besides that we advise you to use AuthorSure, a great WordPress plugin for applying Google Authorship automatically on each and every post that you write and publish.

  • Make an account on Plus.Google.com, and setup your profile with all the information, that you think is necessary for people to know you better, in the ‘About’ page, and don’t forget to list your blogs or websites (where you publish your content) under the ‘contributor to’ section on the ‘About’ page.
  • Upload your real picture as a profile or display picture. Though you can use any other image as well, but we advise you to use your real picture as this would help you make your own identity, and people will start recognizing you. Your picture should be 250 x 250 long and wide.
  • Make an official email address for yourself, like; “admin@yourwebsitename.com,” rather than using a free email service based email address, and use it for verifying Google Authorship.
  • Add a byline that should consist of your name on each page of your blog or website (for example; “By Shawn Michael”). While adding the byline, ensure that the name matches the one that you used on Google+ profile, and link it back to it by using this tag, <a href=[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>”, where you need to replace [profile_url] with your Google+ profile URL, which looks like something like this; https://plus.google.com/115567433249017407468
  • Once all this is done, check if you have performed all these steps as mentioned or have you made any error by submitting your website’s URL here.

Remember we talked about AuthorSure above, most probably you do, it is a WordPress plugin that is used to apply Google Authorship automatically to each of your blog post or website’s page. With this you can apply your Google Authorship settings within minutes if not seconds. Here’s what you all need to do for that:-

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard, and take your mouse over the ‘plugins’ and select Install new plugin.
  • Search for AuthorSure via the plugin search field given above, and once it finds that for you, click install.
  • Once it is installed, click on activate to make it work for you.
  • Now take you mouse cursor over to the ‘settings’ tab and select AuthorSure from the listed menu.
  • Now you are on the settings page of AuthorSure, where from you can change its settings accordingly. However, to make it work for you as soon as you add and activate this plugin, it comes with auto selected settings, which you can change if you want at any stage, and you just need to put your Google+ profile id under rel=”publisher” settings. And hit save changes if you are okay with all other settings, and you’re done. Isn’t that quick? It is indeed.

If you think or believe that there’s any other plugin that can help you integrate Google Authorship on your website or blog in more easy steps than AuthorSure, then do let us know about it via dropping in your feeback, suggestions or comments under the comment section given below.

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