Whats new in the latest version of WordPress 3.6 (Beta)

Wordpress 3.6

Even though it is developed through community effort, WordPress is always known for its fast development and updating cycle. And keeping past trends in mind WordPress has launched its latest version WordPress 3.6 (Beta) barely 5 months after its last release of WordPress 3.5. And thanks to the overwhelming response from the WordPress Development community, we now have the BETA2 version of the WordPress 3.6. The latest version is loaded with some new features and has corrected previous versions bugs and problems. So without further delay let’s take a look at the latest features of new WordPress.

latest wordpress

Post Formats

One of the best features of the latest version is the feature of post formats. A user or WordPress developer can now enter the format of the post right from a dedicated user interface. For the theme creators and developers, this version also provides access to the templateing functions of this feature to access structured data.

A new theme Twenty Thirteen

This version of WordPress comes with a new WordPress default theme Twenty Thirteen. This theme a more modern design than its predecessors but it is still just as fast and simple as Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve. Twenty Thirteen is also responsive like the other two themes and is highly customizable. Unlike twenty eleven and twenty twelve, Twenty thirteen has an entirely different look and feel. It has an entirely different typographic features and a totally different color scheme.

Post Locking

A great feature that is especially useful for multi-user WordPress website is the ability to see which user is working on which post and giving the authority to administrator to delete the in work post if there is no significant development in it. You can even check which user is working and on which post (even if the post is old).

Embed Audio and video files without using plugins

Yep you can do that now. One of the most anticipated features of version 3.6 is the ability to add audio and video files into post without using any addition plugin or extension. The latest version supports most of the highly popular video and audio formats. Using this feature will significantly lower the website load time, will prevent your site from external attack through external plugins, and now you won’t have to rely on third party media hosting services.

Auto Save feature

Another great new functionality of the latest version is the Auto Save feature. Now you don’t have to save your post after every few minutes to prevent it from disappearing accidently during system crashes or power failures. The worked upon post is automatically saved through the Auto save feature.

Assign Navigational menus in bulk

Another area that has been worked upon in the new WordPress is navigational menu. You can now bulk assign menus to pages, post, and locations. The user interface for handling navigational menus is also simplified with a new accordion-based UI.


With all these new features WordPress is living up to its reputation and easing up further the lives of web-developers and users. However a thing to note here is that WordPress version 3.6 is still in its beta phase and is still not 100% ready to be made live on a production website. It still has some bug that needs to be fixed but for now it looks very promising. So web developers and testers can go ahead and download the latest version right here. Also don’t forget to use the WordPress Beta Tester plugin for testing the new version.

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