Social Media Plugins You MUST Have for Your WordPress

social media plugins for wordpress

Do you use social network? Chances are, unless you are living under a rock, you definitely do! Even if you don’t have an account on all the social media sites out there, you probably have at least one or two. If you also have a WordPress page, then you need to make sure you’re using the social media plugins that are out there with it. This will ensure that you are fully connecting to your readers and that you’re making yourself more noticeable on the internet (which, let’s face it, isn’t too easy these days). If you don’t know where to get started, then check out the best social media plugins below!

1. ShareIt


If you want to share content, but not in a large way, this is a great plugin. It allows you to share snippets of content (imagines or text) through Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others. This is a popular plugin that a lot of people are taking advantage of, so check it out!

2. Facebook Comment Slider

facebook comment slider

This allows users to connect with Facebook through your page. They can do this by leaving a comment on the bottom of your page, then clicking on the Facebook icon. After that, their common will be seen by those on your site, but also their friends! This can result in a lot of exposure and more traffic to your site as well. It supports over 70 languages, is responsive and can even be used on mobile devices.

3. Easy Social Hover

easy social hover

This plugin is great because it is really fun to play with! It has 10 different hover backgrounds and 12 different hover effects, so you can choose what it looks like on your page. You can add your favorite social networking sites to this, and then when visitors want to share something they see, all they have to do is use one of these buttons!

4. TwitterCard


This plugin will show off your Twitter profile right on your WordPress site. It will show in any widget area as well as pages that you want to post it on. This looks good and gives a nice glimpse of your Twitter profile for anyone on your page. It’s also easy to use, so it’s great for beginners.

5. Easy Facebook Fanpage and Promotion Builder

easy facebook fan page

If you want to encourage people to visit your site or even share it, then this is a great plugin to have. It lets you create tabs for your Facebook fan pages quickly and easily, then links it to your WordPress site. This lets you create unlimited pages, is easy to use and is compatible with current themes! You can even create a Facebook sweepstakes with it, so try it out.

6. Tweetable Shortcode

tweetable shortcode

If users see a sentence on your page that they want to tweet for themselves, this plugin can help. All they have to do is select the text they like and then the shortcode button. After this they can share it on their Twitter account while giving credit to you! By having this on your page you will encourage people to tweet some of the better sentences you wrote, as you get to choose which text is selected for the tweetable shortcode.

7. Instagram Photo and Video Gallery WordPress

instagram photo

With this plugin you can show Instagram photos as they are uploaded. So, you can put this on your WordPress page to share new photos, but it can also tag and link to your Instagram account through the widget that comes with it for your sidebar. It’s easy to configure, is responsive and is lightbox integrated as well.

8. Affiliates Share

affiliate share

Make it easy for affiliates of yours to share your content through affiliate links. This free plugin produces share buttons with automatic links for your affiliates. It also supports LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. In addition to this, there are API functions and shortcodes included.

9. Share Locker

share locker

With this unique plugin you can hide content that you have on your pages or even just one post. If visitors want to see the content, then they will need to unlock it! They can do this by clicking on one of the social media buttons that you have available. This can increase the number of shares, likes, downloads and linking that you get, without you really even having to do anything. Shares are important, so remember this if you’re having trouble getting them.

10. WordPress Social Stream

wordpress social stream

Do you want to combine all the social networking that you do? If so, this plugin can help you out! It puts together all of your social media sites into a single stream. This means it shows a rotating feed that can include Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. With this plugin you can reduce a lot of the room that might be taken up on your page from other plugin widgets.

11. Instagram Theatre

instagram theater

This lets you take photos from your account on Instagram and put them right onto your site! There are tons of different layouts you can choose from and you can use it on mobile as well. It really allows you to customize your page so it’s unique and different.

12. Share+


With this plugin you can make it incredibly easy to share and bookmark your site. There are five different themes and each of them can be customized as you would like. This can replace all your sharing buttons and keep them organized in one easy to find spot! When users see this they can share with their social sites or even bookmark the page for future reference. Not only does it look great, it is also super easy to implement.

Plugins are important for your WordPress page because they increase traffic, can result in more engagement and may get users a lot more involved with your community. If you don’t have these right now, then go and try them out! They can help you change your page for the better and become more popular online than you ever thought you could. The plugins listed above are only a fraction of those that are available, but they are amongst the best. Not only are they easy to use, they are easy to integrate into your page and can increase your social media presence.

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