How to tighten your wordpress security : Top 5 Tips

Wordpress security

Almost every day, we do come up with some scary reports about a major site getting hacked and freaks every one out. And all of a sudden this almost makes every site owners to get a bolt out of the blue. As WordPress is one of the best content management systems and is of huge importance nowadays, people have started it not only for blogging but also for their businesses. Therefore getting it hacked will surely make every site owner to get a bit worried than usual. So if you too are blogging through WordPress or using it for running a business website, you really need to think of it and get it secured even better.

Why we should take WordPress Security so Seriously?

You might be thinking why are we talking about WordPress security all of a sudden? Well, WordPress Security is something that you might also think about most of the time. And, there’s no harm in it, it’s just that being WordPress powered sites owner people are always worried, and you being one of them it is quite natural to worry. In fact, being a site owner it’s your responsibility to tighten all the security loop holes and ensure that your WordPress site runs smoothly.

Hence, take a look at some of the top ways to secure your WordPress Site even more:

#Try to Maintain Strong Passwords

This is true that maintaining a strong password is in fact considered to be important. It could act as the best way to secure your WordPress site. Keeping generic password for your site is always great enough but at the same time, it is also true that getting an odd name mixed with some special characters and numbers and setting it as your password would surely help and would enhance the security of your WordPress site. At the same time, you must keep in mind that the password you choose to set should be of minimum ten characters. If you are already following this tip, then I must say that you are almost going in the right direction.

#Get your WordPress Admin Access Protected

It is always recommended to change the name of the default “admin” user that normally starts with every WordPress Installation. Surely you can do this in no time, and off course this won’t hurt you in any manner. Though this is not the only way of securing a wordpress powered site, but it is certainly one of those ways which will help you to trick the hackers. So, more importantly it is imperative to specify that every admin username of your site with administrator access is protected by a strong password followed by a unique name and characters for your password.

#Always monitor for Malware

It is definitely essential to have some kind of system which can constantly monitor and judge your site for malware. However, it depends on you whether you would like to monitor your site on a daily basis or a weekly basis. But it would be a wise decision to opt for a technology that can actually peep into your sites’ file structure and deep into roots rather than just showing the exact place where the malware is active and working on to make your life miserable.

#Then take an action for those Malwares

Monitoring for the malware on your site is definitely a crucial step to enhance the security, but at the same time, you also need to take action to remove them out of your website. Therefore, just after you recognize a malware attack on your site, get some solution for it.

#Make your Site Clean

Yes, this is in fact necessary that you need to keep your WordPress Site clean enough and also to keep all the required things in the proper places as usual. If you have got old themes and plugins that are not in use, just remove them from your WordPress site and try to maintain it by keeping it neat and clean as possible. This is important enough just as the way you keep your home and kitchen clean. So, it is mandatory to clean and organize your file structure and this will truly keep all your files much safer than before.

Therefore, it is more important to take the critical behavior of your website more seriously and you need to take some way out of it. These fives steps as I have highlighted above is surely not the ultimate security way out for your site but yes for a certain level it would surely help to safeguard your site. So, take actions on these highlighted tips and guidelines and surely you will have the safest WordPress Site as ever. So, if you have got any other security tips, feel free to share your valuable knowledge with us!!

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