10 security plugins for WordPress

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WordPress websites would need security add-ons to solve their safety and security issues. Security plugins are essential to safeguard websites from hacking and malware activities. These plugins eliminate hacking or malicious activities on WordPress websites. In this article, we would discuss the 10 security plugins for WordPress.

Chap secure login

Chap secure login is one of the many plugins for WordPress site security. Whenever customer would login to WordPress site this plugin transmits an included encrypted password. The CHAP protocols are used because ssl and other protocols are not able to be used. This is a zero configuration plugin. The plugin uses a SHA-256 hash algorithm.

AskApache  Password Protect

The WordPress security plugin adds password protection and security to blog. The plugin utilizes fast and secure multiple features to blog security. Includes a user contributed attack signature system with few security add-ons – snort, apache and modsecurity. This is an effective plugin with frequent and regular updations.

AskApache Password Protect plugin

Preview of AskApache Password Protect plugin


The plugin for WP – recaptcha is an anti-spamming method for securing WordPress sites and is a different plugin. This is an important and widely accepted plugin with easy access for everyone using WordPress. Protecting email messages, comment posts , registrations, WP-reCaptcha is an anti – spam plugin.

WP-reCAPTCHA  plugin

Preview of  WP-reCAPTCHA  plugin

Admin SSL

The WordPress security plugin – admin SSL enables security for site using a private SSL. The security plugin forces the given SSL as then passwords can be entered for all the webpages. The additional features for the security plugin includes custom additional URLs and is compatible with other versions of WordPress.

Admin SSL  plugin

Preview of  Admin SSL  plugin

WordPress database backup

The WordPress database backup for the WordPress website provides an effective security from WordPress tables and fixes bugs with localizations. The security plugin includes an effective security solution for email problems. This plugin is supported with language localizations.

WordPress database backup plugin

Preview of WordPress backup plugin


The WordPress security plugin – Secure WordPress removes error information to log-in pages and adds index.html to plugin directories. A number of add-on features for Secure WordPress include adding index.php plugin directory and blocking bad queries. Removing wp—versions, updations for non-admin are included features from security plugin.

Secure WordPress plugin

Preview of Secure WordPress plugin

Page security by contexture

The page security by contexture plugin for WordPress sites provides users to decide about access to content. Numerous plugin features and add-ons get properly integrated with WordPress. This easy to use plugin includes customized pages, is fully loaded with Ajax and has subscription support with memberships.

Page security by contexture plugin

Preview of Page security by contexture plugin

WP Security Scan

The WP Security Scan for WordPress site includes security from site vulnerabilities. Securing the site through passwords, file permissions, security and version hiding and also removes WP generator Meta tag from the core code. The security plugin gets installed and protects the site admin.

WP Security Scan plugin

Preview of WP Security Scan plugin

Antispam bee

The antispam bee is an independent security plugin for WordPress website. A simple and easy to use plugin, it does not store data on remote servers. Plugin has a fast execution with anonymous and confidential security, cleanups to spams, trackbacks and pingback checks. The plugin has an additional spam counter on dashboard.

Antispam bee plugin

Preview of Antispam bee plugin

Theme authenticity checker

The theme authenticity checker is a security plugin for WordPress for scanning and protecting files from unwanted and malicious codes. The plugin is valuable as it can diagnose all the necessary areas where site is being affected and needs code cleanup. The plugin searches for and displays static links also.

Theme authenticity checker   plugin

Preview of  Theme authenticity checker   plugin


The security plugin for WordPress protect site from unwanted spam, malware and hacking attempts. In this article, we have discussed the 10 popular WordPress security plugins. Readers of the article are invited to submit their comments and views.

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