Photoshop vs GIMP: Which Image Editing Program You Should Choose?


Whether you’re running a website or blog, or want to share your photos on Facebook and other social networking sites, you’ve to use a image-editing software to create or edit professional looking images. Though there’re a number of image manipulation programmes available there, Adobe Photoshop and GIMP robustly stand out from the crowd. Choosing the right one among them is a very confusing task, as both of them have some unique features. Continue reading →

Social Media Plugins You MUST Have for Your WordPress

social media plugins for wordpress

Do you use social network? Chances are, unless you are living under a rock, you definitely do! Even if you don’t have an account on all the social media sites out there, you probably have at least one or two. If you also have a WordPress page, then you need to make sure you’re using the social media plugins that are out there with it. This will ensure that you are fully connecting to your readers and that you’re making yourself more noticeable on the internet (which, let’s face it, isn’t too easy these days). If you don’t know where to get started, then check out the best social media plugins below! Continue reading →

How to create and add custom sidebar in WordPress


Most simple WordPress templates/themes generally employ a single sidebar. But, in keeping with WordPress’ open architecture; you can easily add a second (or 3rd or 4th) sidebar to your site’s theme. And, you aren’t restricted to using your sidebar in the typical sidebar area–you can put your new sidebar in a header, a footer, or any other area in your template. Continue reading →

How to tighten your wordpress security : Top 5 Tips

Wordpress security

Almost every day, we do come up with some scary reports about a major site getting hacked and freaks every one out. And all of a sudden this almost makes every site owners to get a bolt out of the blue. As WordPress is one of the best content management systems and is of huge importance nowadays, people have started it not only for blogging but also for their businesses. Continue reading →

5 Best Free Lawyer WordPress Themes for Cult Branding!

Free Lawyer WordPress Themes

Whether you are a solo attorney or a large law firm, having a professional website for your business is imperative to spread the word and convey a professional and trustworthy impression about your services to your current and prospective customers. WordPress is a beautiful and easy to use blogging platform that can help you to create a professional website that is a direct reflection of your company’s services. Your company image is on the line several times a day and therefore, you need a clean, stark and utterly professional WordPress law theme to make your clients develop a positive opinion about your company. Continue reading →